It is hot here, 38C or 100.4F, in both temperatures that is hot.  With 2 days to go to the official start of summer, it was bound to happen.  Still, I’m not happy about it.  It is too hot to go out and take photos, so I have been going through my photos.  I wanted something cool today.  I wanted to work on some photos that weren’t taken when it was hot.

This is a three image HDR created using Photomatix Pro.  The colours are quite natural, though the sky may be a little over done.

Here is the same image done with HDR Color Efex.  This image hasn’t worked as well, it is too grey, there isn’t enough tonal range in it.  There are so many more things to play with in this software, and that may be the problem.  I will have to keep playing.  It took me…

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